WomenExecs on Boards is supported by a committed leadership team that strengthens the mission of the network. Their collective efforts reinforce our values: connectivity, courage, and commitment. Their leadership example ensures that all of our members encourage, advocate for, and celebrate each other’s success.

Board Members

Bonnie Timms Hagemann 
WomenExecs on Boards: Co-Board Chair, Co-Founder, Past Co-President
HBS WOB 2016
Kansas City, MO, USA 

"My life’s work is about leadership and when I see a gap, I’m compelled to do something about it. The world has a significant gap in gender equity at the most senior levels of corporate governance and senior leadership. I want to do all I can to ensure that this is not the case going forward, and I believe that working together, this network can make a significant difference in our lifetime."

Maria Garcia Nielsen 

WomenExecs on Boards: Co-Chair of the Board, Nominating & Governance Committee, Past Co-President, Past Chair Alliances, Past Co-Chair Branding & Marketing, 
Independent Corporate Director, Lontana SA, Fegemu -Portwest Group, Grupo Sanz
HBS WOB 2016 
Madrid, Spain/New York, NY, USA 

"Serving the caliber of talent convened by the WOB program has been enriching, motivating and humbling. Each member's success is a celebration of the power of our network."

Gail F. Lieberman 

WomenExecs on Boards, Independent Board Director, 
Board Member, Equilend, W.L.Gore & Associates, Tradeworx, ICTS-NAS 
Fairfield, Connecticut, USA 

"The Women Execs on Boards membership debunks the myth that there are only a handful of talented, experienced women available for board service. I fully support their vision, mission and values and look forward to helping them succeed to increase their membership’s participation in the boardroom."

Rebecca "Riv" Goldman
WomenExecs on Boards: Board Secretary, Nominating & Governance Committee, Accountability Group Leader, WEoB 

SVP & General Counsel, Optimas Solutions
HBS WOB 2016 
Milwaukee, WI, USA 

"I have always been passionate about women in leadership – mentoring women across the globe for the past 35 years.  I believe women bring a long-term, compassionate, and socially responsible perspective that has been undervalued in the corporate world for too long."

Virginia "Ginny" Parker, CFA
WomenExecs on Boards: Treasurer

Managing Member, Parker Global Strategies
HBS WOB 2017 
Richmond, VA, USA

"Talented women can make a tremendous impact in the board room and deserve the opportunity to be there. Through WEoB, I have met an extraordinary network of remarkable women across industries and across the globe. The opportunity to contribute my skills in helping further our Vision and Mission and work closely with these women is a privilege."

Rosie Bichard
WomenExecs on Boards:Co-President, Accountability Group Leader, Past Vice-President, Past Co-Chair Annual Event Subcommittee
Member, Independence Governance Committee, Royal London

HBS WOB 2017 
London, UK

"I'm passionate about helping our amazing, talented and forward-thinking members get into the corporate boardrooms where they belong, so they can start changing the conversation and create businesses which are fit for the future. I am particularly focused on bringing our international members into the spotlight so they can contribute their unique perspectives to the group. I'm also proud to champion discussions around sustainability and responsible business culture within the network."

Patricia Rodriguez Christian 
WomenExecs on Boards: Co-President, Nominating & Governance Committee, Past Vice-President, Past Co-Chair Marketing & Communications 

CEO, CRC Group, Inc.
HBS WOB 2016
Dallas, TX, USA 

 "I am a life-long advocate for the equality of women in all facets of society. WEoB is an organization whose members are ready to serve and are serving at the highest levels of business. I am thrilled to contribute to the effort of equity in the C-suite and the Boardroom."